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Alfred Hup & Harv Hup have long-term experience of being in business! With the Hup brothers having the experience of working in a repair shop, it taught us how great a value there is in doing service on the product that we sell and being involved in the manufacturing. We learned the value of having a good quality product!

1971   Gerrit purchased Corsica Smithy & Repair, a blacksmith shop               doing repair work and manufacturing the Farm Aid Mfg. mixer                 feeder/wagon.

1973   Alfred Hup joined his father in the business.

1976   Harv Hup joined his father in the business.

1979   Gerrit sold off the repair shop and focused solely on                               manufacturing the Farm Aid Mfg. mixer/feeder.

1986   Sioux Automation Center Inc. became a Farm Aid distributor.               John Byl was the President and co-owner of Sioux Automation                 Center and that’s how the Hup family and John Byl began their                 relationship.

1987   Harv Hup started as shop manager.

2000   John Byl retired from Sioux Automation Center and, in                           partnership with Scott Hulstein, started New Tec. New Tec                         sells and services forklifts, telehandlers and scissor lifts.

2004   Gerrit retired and sold Farm Aid Mfg. to Steve Marus. Harv                   Hup became general manager.

2012   Alfred and Harv continued working at Farm Aid Mfg. until                       December 31, 2012.

2013   January 1, the Hup brothers started Dakota Sales & Rental LLC.

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